1. Day Four of SXSW: Computer Watch Dogs, Facebook Foodies and the Bible
  2. How This Google Manager Really Feels about Working Your Ass off (Refinery29: How DId She Get There)
  3. How Brands Can Humanize Their DIgital Experience (PSFK) — Also put on PSFK’s Purplelist: Expert Network
  4. Front cover of  and Inside article Globes Newspaper 7/8/15, Israel’s Leading Business paper
  5. Virtual pursuit of Happiness L Set: London School of Excellent Training
  1. Planners: Take off your Advertising Shaped Glasses and Solve Clients’ Problems
  2. “The Truth Is Our Client” Saatchi & Saatchi Strategy Boss Tells PLanners at Google Event
  3. CNBC interview
  4. Google’s Abigail Posner Shares What The Company Looks For When Hiring
  5. Women in Business Q&A: Abigail Posner, Head of Strategic Planning, Google
  6. http://plus.lapresse.ca/screens/4c6f-c618-52617474-a962-3ed6ac1c606d%7C_0.html
  7. THE MEDIA BUSINESS: ADVERTISING; An offbeat campaign for Amtrak introduces a new rail service. NY Times
  8. The Content Code
  9. Inc: the Big Business Behind Internet Memes
  10. Fast Company: Our Brains Decode What We Share Online
  11. Science of Emotion, HuffPo
  12. PSFK
  13. Can Digital be Human Enough?
  14. Man Made Music (at SXSW)
  15. Memeburn
  16. Emotions & Advertising
  17. IContact.com
  18. Globe & Mail video
  19. Brazilian blog
  20. Thought Waves
  21. Marketing Anthropology
  22. Cited in the book: Social Media Strategy
  23. Science behind the share (blog)
  24. Havascollective (at sxsw)
  25. Science of Emotional Marketing
  26. Sparksheet
  27. Cited in a book: Culture of Consumption
  28. Cited in book: Flock & Flow
  29. The LSet: Virtual Pursuit of Happiness
  30. The Drum
  31. The Nuzzle.com
  32. Cited in the book: Marketing
  33. Cited in the book: Principles of Marketing
  34. The point (a blog)
  35. Adweek
  36. Funny You Should Ask
  37. Some turkish blog 🙂
  38. ADBRS (Brazilian)
  39. Jornal do Comercio (Brazilian)
  40. Rio Grande Du Sol (Brazilian)
  41. PR Newswire  didnt collect a lot of these newswires but in case u wanted one?
  42. Four Cases of What Goes Viral
  43. DMNews (about adweek)
  44. The Human Video Connection
  45. The Official Google Canada Blog
  46. Yeoman’s Marketing
  47. Retail Wire
  48. Click Consult
  49. Google AU site
  50. Traffika.com (AU site)
  51. Global News (Canada paper)
  52. Give it a nudge (site)
  53. PRSA.org
  54. CommercialAppeal.com
  55. Makeuseof.com
  56. Reelsee
  57. Google Creative Sandbox
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