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About Abigail Posner

There’s more to this world than you see at first glance. And it can change everything. My passion is to spark your curiosity, stimulate thinking and foster wonder in our daily lives. Opening our minds to this can have profound effects on our personal and professional lives.

Whether at work or play, I have spent my life asking WHY and how to put those insights into action. Whether I was dissecting Talmudic laws as a child or investigating different cultures’ during my Anthropology studies at Harvard University, or examining people’s relationships with products and brands during my career in advertising, the quest for WHY is the thread that is woven throughout all my roles.

Now, as the Director of the BrandUnit, Google’s creative think tank for agencies and brands, my role is to help advertisers and marketers make sense of human beings’ deep, emotional relationship to the digital space and convert those insights in strategic and creative efforts. While at Google, I have also launched an industry-first thought leadership series on human beings emotional relationships with the digital space: Humanizing Digital. This research decodes technology in an inspiring and useful way.

I blog regularly on topics around beauty in our culture at, have published a range of articles on marketing, digital culture and beauty, and a contributor to Advertising Age & Google’s sites. I’ve been featured in a host of publications including: Business Insider, Huffington Post, NY Times, La Presse, CNBC, Mumbrella, AdNews, B&T & Globes Israel.

“For life is merely something you can’t rehearse. It’s dangerous and beautiful as verse.”  

– A Man of No Importance