Red Lips Are the First Thing Men Notice, Study Finds.  Fun article.  No surprise.  I almost dismissed it.
According to a study by Manchester University, when men first notice women, they spend the most time focusing on women’s lips.  The redder the better.  Makes sense.  Lips surround the mouth – a highly sexual part of our faces.  And, as we all know, lips mirror … ahem … women’s nether region.
So why did the article stay with me?  Maybe it had to do with what happened to me last night.
I was walking home from work carrying my bag on one hand and my computer bad slung over my chest.  I was wearing a hat pulled down over my messy hair and my puffy down coat that makes me look like the Michelin man.  Finally, my face was peeling a bit thanks to a new round of Retin A.  In short, I looked like SHIT.
Nevertheless, I must have given off some “I’m available” vibe when I caught the smile of a guy on the street, because, the next thing I know, the guy starts talking to me and offered to buy me coffee.
As soon as I told I had to get home to the kids, he knew to back off.  The rest of the walk home I vacillated between thinking the guy must have been blind and utter glee.  Yay, I can still attract a guy (albeit a semi-blind one)!
But wait a sec.  I’m a mom of 3 with a successful job and great husband.  Why do I need male affirmation?  Can’t I be content without getting continual updates from guys that I still have it going on?
If I had to be honest, no.  It’s not to say that I always need to know that I’m attractive.  Truth is, I don’t make enough of an effort to expect that and I’m no spring chicken anymore.  But I guess I still have a need to believe I can fulfill females’ basest role: to land a guy.
Perhaps that’s why the article stuck in my mind after all.  Maybe now I’ll dig into my stash of red lipstick to see if I can draw the perfect red pout.

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