In this month’s More magazine, Patti Davis poignantly shares why she posed nude for Playboy when she was in her 40’s and now for More in her late 50’s (“My Body Then and Now”).
She tells her story of transformation from an emaciated, atrophied drug addict to a confident, healthy and muscular woman.  Her reason for posing naked ears ago wasn’t to titillate but to show how far she had come and how powerful — emotionally and physically — she became. She explains that the body she saw reflected back to her in the mirror became her “therapist.”  In other words, what she saw in her body was her ability to heal herself — both her body and her mind.
What resonated with me the most was her profound description of her body — a description that I whole-heartedly believe.  She writes: “My body is the house I live in, and I’ve never stopped trying to make it better… I…don’t understand the attitude that who you are on the inside is all that matters.  Obviously our interior landscape is profoundly important, but we are integrated beings; we don’t have to make a choice between interior and exterior.  One has a lot to do with the other.”
At 58 she looks better than ever.  With each passing year her body actually becomes stronger.  And so does her spirit.  I hope that when I’m 58 I feel as good in my body and in my soul as she does.

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