Breaking News: (well not so breaking in this speedy internet age) People magazine has named 40 year-old Gwyneth Paltrow the World’s Most Beautiful woman.

Ok, Ok, don’t snort. Who says People magazine knows squat about beauty.  And what idiotic measures are they using to determine this?  Moreover, can we really say there’s ONE person who is the most beautiful?

I get it.  The whole concept is rather inane.  But, it exists; and it obviously concerns enough people that the magazine chooses to focus attention (and mega cash) on it.

So, now that I’ve established why we can’t ignore the news all together, I can safely say that I think the choice of picking Gwyneth, is well, GREAT!

First of all, she’s not 25 but a seasoned 40-year-old like me!

Second, she is a great example of someone who took charge of her body a few years back.  If you recall, the Gwyneth of 5 or so years ago, was beautiful but not necessarily the most fit.  So she said to herself, “so what if I’m a mother who doesn’t necessarily get out much, I’m still going to change things up.”

This mini-transformation resonates with me too.  I struggle with trying to look good (like so many of us) and sometimes I fear that being a working mommy can lead me to “giving up.” No way.  If Gwyneth can take charge, why not me?  Of course I don’t necessarily have the money she has to get fit, but most of her physique is due to food discipline and and overall mission to look great.

Thanks Gwyneth for inspiring me.  Now I have to put this inspiration to good use 🙂

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