SlutWalk.  I’ve tweeted about this and many have blogged about it too.  But in case you’re scratching your head, SlutWalk is a movement spreading across the world in which women march wearing whatever the hell they want protesting the “accepted” cultural belief that women are “asking for it” (i.e. sexual assaults) if they wear sexy clothes.

As you can imagine, I TOTALLY support this movement.  While I’m lucky enough to work and live in environments that are pretty open to different types of outfits, I recognize there are many places that aren’t.  In such places, women can get verbally and physically harassed by others thanks to their attire.  But that’s just the stuff on the surface.  Many women who dress in sexy attire are also often considered less intelligent and qualified for certain types of work.  And, there are many women who hold these opinions too, BTW.

Of course we have to be somewhat discerning about our outfits given the activities we choose to participate in (e.g., soccer playing) or the jobs we do (e.g., working in a factory with toxic chemicals around us) but beyond that, looking sexy shouldn’t signal anything more than, “hey, here are some sexy folks who like to embrace their bods. Great.”

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