A few weeks ago I tweeted on an article about how the runway shows in the fashion capitals are sadly devoid of the diversity of beautiful women.  Most of the models tend to be Caucasion with a few token Asian or black-skinned women tossed in.

I’m happy to read that Brazilians are now rebelling against this.  In a story reported by New York Magazine, Brazilians are lobbying for a quota of 20% Black models at Sao Paulo Fashion Week. While this quota doesn’t match the actual percentage of black Brazilians, roughly 50%, at least it’s a step up from the 2% a few years ago.

The argument for the discrepancy is that the black population of Brazil is mostly poor and therefore won’t be in the market for the fashions.  But I argue that skin color, or hair color for that matter, has nothing to do with my choice in fashion.  If the clothes look good, they look good regardless of the model.  In fact, I tend to support designers that are more racially diverse, take chances and promote diversity of looks.

And if reflecting the consumer’s looks was a requirement for these runway strutters, these women would all be 5 feet 4 inches and weigh 140 pounds!

Ah, don’t think so …

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