I was intrigued by Christine Vega’s “The Beauty of Burlesque.”  In it she explains that burlesque isn’t stripping; it’s artful teasing and dance.  Moreover, she admires the wonderful appreciation women of all types and sizes have for their bodies.  Burlesque dancers have an allure and sensuality that we can all express with some good lingerie and mood lighting.
She also points out that burlesque dates back to the 19th century.  Its history is significant and furthers my appreciation for the art.  You see, in the late 19th century burlesque was one of the first types of female performance (check out Lois Banner’s American Beauty).  And, as such, it was one of the first sources of financial independence for women.  Moreover, the world of burlesque performance represented a place for women to experiment and share with others “a new kind of behavior – one that was free, assertive and self-reliant.” (p.182)
So as you dance in front of your man or woman (or both J), appreciate the beauty of your body’s sensuality and the deep and powerful history that goes along with this wonderful art.

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