One advantage of business travel is the complimentary USA Today I get at any hotel.  While it may not win any Pulitzer Prizes, the paper is always a treasure trove of great surveys.  According to a poll published in the paper last week, 52% of women would rather go without sex for a summer than gain 10 pounds.  Wow, the sacrifices we’re willing to make to be thin.  And quite honestly I can totally relate.  I bet if I counted all the time I’ve spent kvetching about my weight over the years to my husband and put it towards sex instead, we’d have worked our way through the Kama Sutra a dozen times!

The study, commissioned by Nutrisystem, also points out that 66% of Americans would feel sexier if they weighed less.

Does this seem ironic to you?  What’s the point of feeling sexier if you’re not going to have sex anyway!?  I don’t know whether these stats speak more to our culture’s pressure to be thin or our complicated relationship with sex.

Here’s a thought.  If we had more sex then maybe we would:

1. feel sexier, regardless of how thin we are; and

2. be thinner as a result of the intense exercise necessary for a good romp.

Maybe Nutrisystem should consider adding aphrodisiacs to their diet plan


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