A certain someone who shall remain nameless but who is a full supporter of the Democratic party has a profound theory: if campaigning democrats would just surround themselves with a few more “hotties,” they would surely get the support they need.
All right, maybe this isn’t the most p.c. advice I’ve ever heard, but perhaps there’s something to it.  According to a recent study in Stockholm, right-wing candidates are deemed better looking than left-wing ones (“Rightwing candidates are better looking, says study”).
So what, you might say.  Okay, but the “right-wingers” benefit from this discrepancy!
A possible explanation is that the left-wing has historically used a more rational (and I would argue logical) approach whereas the right-wing relied on more emotional means to garner loyalty.  A key exception: JFK, an icon for so many democrats and a beneficiary of his beauty.
I’m certainly not advocating supporting candidates based on their appearance.  And I wish those attractive people in positions of power, like Michelle Obama, weren’t getting as much attention paid to their appearance as they are.
So what should we do with this finding?

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