As someone who creates brands for a living and spends hours upon hours understanding our relationship to beauty, it’s inspiring to see that a number of cosmetic and fashion brands are recognizing the deeper role their products play in their customers’ lives.  I’m not talking about brands making statements, a la Kenneth Cole.  I’m talking about brands who understand what clothing and make-up can do for us.

Take Bobbie Brown and her Pretty Powerful campaign.  The idea recognizes how a great make-over can lift you up 10,000 feet and give you a sense of invincibility.   After all, beauty isn’t just fun, as I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, it’s powerful!  To her credit, Bobbie used her friends, not models to showcase the power of a great make-over.

Jones New York’s Fall campaign is quite striking thanks to beautiful shots by legendary photographer, Annie Leibovitz. But what’s so amazing about it, in my opinion, is its message.  Instead of showing just the usual spread of outfits, the brand speaks to clothing’s ability to inspire confidence, hence the title Empowering You Confidence. Ok, maybe it’s a bit heavy handed but I still like it.

I do believe there are times when just admiring the new season’s fashions and cosmetic colors are great.  The beauty and creativity that they demonstrate are inspiring in of themselves.  But, I also love that there are those brands that remind us of the power of beauty.

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