Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock over the past few months,  you’ve seen color EVERYWHERE.  Well everywhere that fashionistas hang out.  From the ubiquitous GAP window displays, to the Target ads on the Grammy’s, to the runway shows, the trend for spring is COLOR … and the more neon the better.

What’s this all about?  If you believe that fashion trends, like so many cultural phenomena, reflect our socio-economic environment, then there’s a really fascinating answer.  In this January’s issue of Vogue, Sarah Mower explains that because, not despite, our harsh economic times and outlook, we choose to wear upbeat clothes.  By wearing something so blatantly counterintuitive, we’re making a statement.  We’re saying that we’re not going to be deterred by the times.

While this may sound naive or flippant, she also argues that bright colors are youthful in essence, and that it’s usually the younger generation who rebel and turn things around.

Wearing bright colors isn’t just a sign that you’ve been reading up on your fashion mags.  It’s a message to ourselves and to the world that we, Americans, pick ourselves up and create a better future for ourselves no matter the adversity.

So go out and buy some green, orange and purple (or just resurrect them from the 90’s) and change the world!

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