I watched Searching for Sugarman yesterday.  I was moved to tears.  It was quite powerful.
The documentary captures the story of a bunch of South Africans who unravel the mystery behind Detroit, musical genius, Sixto Rodriguez.
There is no question Rodriguez is an inspiring character on so many levels.  First, his music is beautiful and deep.  Second, while he never reached any level of fame in the US, and ended up being a hard laborer his whole life, he never complained.  His lack of success never kept him back from loving life.  He still loved music and was content to have followed his passion despite never fulfilling his dreams as a full-on musician.  He shared his love for philosophy, (he even got a degree in it in college!) art and music with his children throughout their lives.
Finally, he looked at everyday-life as beautiful and as something to be elevated and celebrated … even if it meant looking nice for a hard labor job.  His co-workers describe him wearing 3-piece suits to work as a construction worker.  As one friend says in the film: Rodriguez would “elevate things…get above the mundane, the prosaic.”
Rodriguez lived in an ugly city, in near-shacks with his family, and worked in a world that didn’t always embrace beauty, and, yet, he did.
Lesson learned: there is never a reason not appreciate and enhance the beauty around us, even in the smallest ways.  Not only will it make others a bit cheerier, it will surely motivate and lift our own spirits as well.

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