Glamour magazine shared the top most watched beauty YouTube videos  0f 2012.  While most people are watching them for beauty tips, I was more intrigued by WHY they were so popular and any themes that rose to the surface.
Here’s what struck me:
1. While most were in English and made by Americans, many were created by Eastern Europeans!  I guess it’s true what my old facialist told me years ago when she said “We Eastern European women know our beauty!”
2.The videos were made by everyday women without a lot of production value.  No fancy videos from celebrities-to-stars or brand stylists.  Nothing from high above.
3. Beauty is clearly taken seriously by the hosts and presumably the viewers, yet the tone of the videos is either light-hearted, cheeky or fanciful.  It seems that straight forward or overly glam videos would clash with the vibe and appeal of make-up for so many viewers.  Make up is serious stuff but shouldn’t feel like it.
4. No surprise, the looks were often for special occasions, even, no occasions!  In other words, some of the looks were just for fun and fantasy.  While cosmetics are very purposeful for so many of us; for so many others they are a portal to another world.
5. Every host was YOUNG.  I guess you could argue they have the time to create videos.  Yet, we old folks need beauty tips more than others!  I wonder if we’ll see a difference here when we show the top beauty videos of 2013.  For all of you older beauty mavens, you have an open door to YouTube celebrity-dom, start making some videos!
Have a look and share your thoughts @Beautyskew

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