A Heartfelt Thank You

While I’ve challenged a number of Lisa Bloom’s views on Beautyskew, I gave a big cheer when I saw her post on taking compliments: How to Take A Compliment. When I first launched Beautyskew I, too, asked why I, and so many others, have such a hard time taking a compliment, especially when it refers to our beauty.  Just yesterday, I got a nice comment on my new haircut.  Did I acct it graciously?  Not quite.  I always tend to belittle the compliment with a, “Oh this old thing, or really?  I feel I look so shitty.”

I guess we don’t want to seem arrogant or maybe we truly don’t think we look beautiful.

Enough already!!!!!  We are all beautiful.

Let’s embrace the compliments.

And of course, compliment others too.

It may be hard at first to fully accept the kind words of others, but Lisa Bloom gives us some tips.  At first, we may be only able to muster a “thank you.”  That’s OK.  But as we get used to it, take the compliments more zestfully.  Respond with a big, smile-y “thanks!”  Finally, we need to compliment ourselves every time we look in the mirror.  Sure, it’s great if others verbally compliment us, but more importantly, we should be able to say to ourselves, “we are pretty damn gorgeous!”


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