I have so little time to shop, so when I have 2 secs to pop into a store between errands and see something I like, I grab it.  And what do I gravitate towards?  High heels.  I mean REALLY high heels. Case in point, the shoes you see here.

People often ask me how I can stand, walk, even run at times, in high heels.  Just as much as I gets looks of admiration when standing 10 feet tall in a bunch of stilettos, I also get cautionary tales of knees gone bad thanks to constant heel wearing.

I get it, I really do.

But I can’t imagine NOT wearing them.  Of course I love the height and instant style I get from a pair of heels.  But there’s another side of me that WANTS to like low heeled shoes.  Many of them are cute  and stylish, and yet my eyes turn away from them.  They are the nice but ugly girls at the dance that the boys ignore.  It’s physiological.  It’s like having a sweet tooth or cravings for salty food.

It’s ingrained.  It’s inevitable.  And I’m not sure I can stop it.

Are we destined to wear a certain heel height?  I can’t really argue that it’s genetic.  My mother and sister don’t wear anything above 2 inches.  But then again, I’m shorter than them which explains why they don’t NEED to wear high heels.   And it also indicates that not all traits are passed down,including the desire for high heels, right???  (Getting a bit circuitous, no 🙂 )

The next time someone “innocently” asks me how I can wear such high heels, I’ll just tell them “I was born this way…please don’t discriminate” and see what happens 🙂


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