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I had a great reunion today!  One of my best friends from college, Melanie, was in town from London and encouraged a group of us from college to reunite.  While I do see some of the gang from time to time, a few of my close friends, whom I haven’t seen in years, joined us as well.
It was so much fun to catch up and I couldn’t help noticing how they didn’t seem to age at all.  Of course we changed our hair styles or gained a few pounds here or there after having children, but our faces looked the same to me.  I know that we don’t tend to observe the gradual changes in our appearances when we see others frequently.  But I hadn’t seem some of these folks in years!
Perhaps I can argue that relative to me and how I look now, my friends seem to look as young as ever.  To extrapolate, I guess we can say that it’s all relative.
But I think there’s something else going on here.
When we get together, our conversations reflect our current situations: failed IVF treatments, teenage angst, new jobs, divorces, etc.  But the WAY we interact is just the same as when we were in college.  We may not have seen one another for years, but the gap is forgotten within seconds.  Maybe the resurrected behaviors that we joyously experience do something to alter our views of one another.  In other words, what we see is really a reflection of what we feel.
I don’t mean to sound all “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”-ish, but maybe beauty is really less about what we see and more about what we experience.
No matter, my friends will always be beautiful and young to me, even when we’re all in our 90’s playing the equivalent of our generation’s version of bridge 🙂

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