As I sit and write this post, I’m surrounded by my brand-new white, leather-covered Blackberry and sleek, white iPad 2.  And I feel quite cool and contented.
Of course I’m not the first person to revel in the wonderful design and aesthetics of our gadgetry.  Ever since Apply introduced the iMac, many  became addicted to cool looking tech toys.
Yet, despite my love for beauty, I tended to regard my PDA’s and computers as functional devices.  Who really cared what they looked like?  I’d rather spend my cash on another pair of shoes.
Boy, have I changed.  Just as a great looking outfit or a good hair-do can put zip in our step, my new cool tools give me a boost.  Even if it’s a Sunday and I’m responding to annoying emails or it’s pastmidnightand I’m still working on a presentation, I feel oddly satisfied.
There’s definitely a part of me that knows I look pretty cool with these devices in tow.  But, for the most part, I’m hanging out alone with my toys.  And I still love them.
While I’ve written about the social value of beauty, there’s certainly a productivity value as well.  When I’m burning the midnight oil or working early Sunday morning with the kids running around, I can’t honestly say that my beautiful toys inspire me but they certainly make me feel a bit better and calm my nerves.  And feeling like this makes it that much easier — even pleasurable — to hunker down and work.
Now, imagine if I actually made my office look as cool as my new toys…I’d have written the great American novel by this time next year!

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