We were invited to a potluck lunch with a bunch of school families yesterday.  We ate outside which was quite pleasant given how unseasonably warm it was.    I sat with a couple of mothers and discussed everything from caterers to work to the” school mom cliques.”

While the conversations were quite engaging, I couldn’t stop myself from sneaking peaks at the moms’ bods.  This was a group of good-looking, thin women.  I even started checking out what some of them were eating.  And I’m happy to say, the gorgeous blonde next me definitely eats her carbs!

Ugh!  What’s wrong with me.  Why can’t I just block out that instinct to compare myself to others?  When does it finally just shut off?  Do I have to wait until I’m old and gray before I become confident enough to stop the madness?

On the other hand, maybe this annoying “voice” that turns on every time I’m around attractive women within my age group keeps me on my toes.  Sure, we’re supposed to exercise to keep us healthy — mentally and physically.  But let’s be honest, we’re all killing ourselves on the treadmill to look hot.  And this exercising, in turn, keeps us healthy!

Perhaps it’s not so bad to get a little nudge from time to time to stop eating so many cookies in front of the boob tube; even if it’s in the form of a couple of gorgeous moms making us feel a bit off our game.  Of course, in an ideal world, I want to see my friends not as bodies to compare my own with, but as sources of stimulating stories, warm companionship and funny anecdotes.  But what if that voice in my head turns on and I can’t  get it switch off?  Maybe the answer is NOT to fight the voice but, rather, use it as a source of weight loss inspiration.  And, in turn, view my friends as great women as well as models of health and beauty.

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