If you’ve been following Beautyskew lately, you’d know I’ve been traveling like a crazy woman.  In many ways I love it.  I get to visit cool cities, dine in nice places, and hang with colleagues from all over the world.

But then, there are the pissy moments. Like those that remind me how backward the business travel industry is in terms of how little is catered to WOMEN.  For example: why are more than half of the hotel’s TV channels sports related?  Or why is it that most gym equipment is suitable for guys and not gals?  And most recently, I’ve frustratingly asked myself, “why is the hotel shaving cream on the sink versus in the shower where I need it?

OK, maybe I’m being a prima donna.  But it’s a pain to have to reach for the shaving cream when I’m in a rush.  If the hotel realized that MANY women are on the road these days, maybe they would consider putting 2 shaving creams in the bathroom: 1 on the sink and 1 in the shower!

I’ve long felt that the business travel industry (planes, cabs, hotels, etc) would greatly benefit from catering to women.  For example, it wouldn’t hurt to provide sample cosmetics in hotels, offer free mini versions of premium chocolates (a specialty of Trump in Chicago) or female fragranced products in the business class travel kits.

Oh well, I’ll just have to download my own shows and remember to put the shaving cream in the shower before I run to the gym for now.  Anyone of you knows of a really great biz hotel for female travelers, let me know 🙂

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