How we LOVE to make fun of reality TV.  We deem it as frivolous at best and downright brain-damaging at worst.  Add the whole Kardashian dynasty to the conversation and we can’t help but cackle at their maladies.  Just this weekend I came across numerous articles outlining, in gory, snarky detail, the exhausting lengths Kim must go through to be camera-ready for the tabloids.

Hang on there a sec.  How dare we be so critical? After all, these shows and stories somehow feed out appetite for something.

But more than that, these shows, and the celebrities they cultivate, may actually be quite helpful to society.  They may be the reason for some amazing new advances in social acceptance of otherwise-shunned people.

The greatest selling issue of Vanity Fair  — which also happens to be on newsstands everywhere —  is a testament to this.  Thanks to this magazine, Caitlin Jenner, formerly knows as hunky, Olympic winner, and Wheaties spokesman, Bruce Jenner, can finally show off her gorgeous, feminine side to the whole world. And I truly believe we can thank the Kardashian clan (and they producers of course) for this.

One can argue that had the Kardashians never risen to fame, Caitlin would have chosen to come out earlier.  But she never would have had the fame and resulting impact on the rest of us.  Her bravery to share her story and morph in front of the whole world makes it that much easier for the rest of us.

I am super happy being a woman and have no desire to change my gender.  But there is no way I want others who do want to, to live fear and sadness.

So thank you Caitlin Jenner and the rest of her crazy, overly-made-up, drama-hungry family for helping to change the world.

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