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This was one of the first mornings in a long time that I had the luxury of reading the “paper” (online, of course).  Why? Because all my munchkins are at sleep away camp.

In all honesty, they’ve been away for a week and a half already but between work travel and constant threats from the camp about sending my youngest home, (needless to say she can be a wee bit sassy), I’ve been either too stressed or too busy to relax.  Well, the tides have turned and the camp is willing to keep my daughter, phew.  And this means I can actually decompress for a minute.

Now, back to beauty.

So while I was skimming through USA Today (one of the first news apps on my iPad so i honor it by reading it first :)) during my morning java, I came across this picture of British model, Bethany Townsend, lying with her colostomy bags.  Needless to say she is gorgeous.  But I give her a ton of credit for truly revealing herself — bikini and colostomy bags and all.

There’s tons of literature and pics of women baring all to give others a sense of confidence in their own beauty.  But — come on — few extra pounds or zits are NOTHING compared to displaying something that is still so “swept under the rug.”

In fact, this shot got so much buzz that she’s truly inspired women across the globe with Crohn’s disease to feel beautiful and show that beauty (colostomy bags and all) off with selfies!

Wow, we all just need to buck up and stop being so worried about what other people think — including me.  But, I should add, that Townsend still looks fantastic — in shape, beautiful skin,and gorgeous hair.  It’s not that doesn’t care about how she looks, she’s just not ashamed of it.  Even better!

Pretty cool.





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