So much of the beauty around us captivates us because of the symmetry it reflects.  Vibrant, fragrant flowers; gorgeous babies; and amazing structures all embody the laws of symmetry and order.
But I think there’s a whole other side of beauty.  That is the beauty that occurs because of mistakes, deviations and chance.  After all, some of the most beautiful people are hybrids of ethnicities.
And I see it playing out in my day-to-day life.  It is well-known that where I work, change is the only constant.  I never know from one day to the next what can happen.  Sometimes that means things screw up all of a sudden which can stress anyone out — especially me.  But it also means that I can have that chance encounter with someone at a meeting, in the cafeteria or in the hallway that can change the whole course of my day, week or even career.  For example, I agreed to give a talk within my first months at my job at Google.  The tech was giving us problems so I was a bit delayed.  The person who was to speak after me — arrived mid-way though my presentation given my late start.  But because she heard my content, she was intrigued and thought we should combine forces.  And it’s because of this relationship that I was able to launch a whole series of projects that have propelled me forward in my career.
Serendipity is both endemic to my job and my saving grace.  And that’s a beautiful thing.  The seeming randomness of it all ensures that beautiful things — be them new relationships, innovative projects or inventive solutions to my gnarliest problems — are made or found.  And this is ONLY because I don’t try to replicate the same pattern of behavior.  I choose to be random,  disorderly and open to chaos.  Because it’s through this chaos that true beauty is revealed.
I urge you all to embrace the chaos, unorganized, and especially the fuck ups, because it’s there that true beauty will emerge.

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