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It’s haircut time for Ms Posner.  Because I rarely get myself professionally coiffed, it’s a big deal for me to get my bi-annual cut.  I usually proceed the event with hours upon hours of perusing (Ok, who are we kidding…poring with a magnifying glass) the latest mags for some looks.  See above if ya don’t believe me.
So that’s what I did.  I grabbed a whole slew of fashion tombs (give the size of the Sept issues …they are annal-size) and started digging.  But all I found were pic after pic of long, straight-ish blown out hair do’s.  I get it.  Models can’t afford to screw up their hair with a trendy cut given they have to pose as different personas from shoot to shoot.  But there’s tons of celebrities pics out there and they ALL had straight, long hair (except the cuties like Michelle Williams)!
What’s going on here?  No only am I uninspired for my cut, but I have to wonder: “Where are all the fun, crazy, innovative styles?”
Are people just investing their creativity into their outfits?  Nah.
It’s like we’re all hedging…all trying to play it safe.  Could it be a subconscious reaction to the economy?  Yes, things are getting better but still…..
Any thoughts?  Would it be crazy to buck the trend or should I just throw up my hands (and strands) and follow suit?

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