Can you imagine spending 17 years in prison for a crime you didn’t commit?  That’s what happened to 59-year-old Susan Mellen.  Luckily she was recently exonerated and released.
So what did she do on her first day as a free woman?
She didn’t launch her campaign to sue the State.  And she didn’t go out for her favorite meal.
Nor did she plan a trip around the world.
Nope, she didn’t do all of those things I would expect anyone imprisoned — unjustly no less! — for almost 2 decades to do.
Instead she went out to get her hair done.  She got it cut, styled and colored according to ABC News.
Her reason?  She wanted a new look to match the new chapter in her life.
I saw this story while I was waiting for my daughter to finish her fencing lesson.  While I intended to write about something entirely different this weekend, I chucked that for this story.  It definitely struck me, and the public too, obviously!
I get chopping your hair off after a bad break up or a new wardrobe to mark a new job.  But getting a new hairdo right after a horrific stage in one’s life??!!  Seems like something I would hold off at least a few weeks to do.  Who would even be thinking about that, right?
And, yet, I totally understand.
Of course looking good makes us feel good too.  But it goes deeper than that.
Our bodies aren’t just vessels for our spirits.  They are inextricably linked.
So many of us have grown up to believe that we should look beyond our “outsides,” i.e., our bodies, to truly understand and appreciate ourselves and others.  True…to a point.  We shouldn’t ignore our outsides.  And not just because we don’t want to gross people out or stay healthy.  We should do it because they ARE who were are.
Let’s forget this inside/outside comparison.  Of course I like the sentiment that we shouldn’t just judge people by how they look.  But does that mean we should totally overlook it too?
If this feels too uncomfortable a thought, then, at least, consider applying the principle to yourself.  We should cater to all of ourselves as a WHOLE.
No wonder Susan Mellen went directly to the salon.  As she evolves into her next role in life, ALL of her evolves.

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