I’m on the elliptical sweatin’ to the oldies and watching NY1 without sound (I know this scene is getting old, but I can’t help it…it’s when I get inspired!)
The news of the draft pics come on.  And for this, no sound was necessary.  The clip shown was Michael Sam getting the news that he was chosen by the Rams.
Now, I know zilch about football other than that my middle son is obsessed with it.  But I do know something about Michael Sam.
For those of you out of the loop on football, Michael Sam is the first openly gay NFL player.
Why do I think this scene was so beautiful?
Well, let’s start with the fact that Sam defied the stereotype of the macho, hetero ball player, and decided to stand up for himself and for all gay men for that matter.
Then, add to the fact that the NFL, or the Rams more specifically, didn’t let his sexual orientation stop them.
Finally, and probably most profoundly was his reaction.  The clip shows Sam, and his boyfriend, sobbing and then kissing at the wonderful news.  I literally starting tearing up when I saw it.  Yes, a muscular, skilled sportsman can show emotions — even cry in front of the world.  Oh, yeah, and then boldly smack a smooch on his boyfriend.
How beautiful is that!?

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