If men have sports, we have beauty.  In other words, even if they don’t know one another, men can strike up a conversation around sports and it could last hours.  Whereas women from all walks of life can launch into discussions about beauty and it can keep them chatting for the rest of day.

OK in many ways this is SO cliché.  After all, plenty of men actually ready this blog…a big “thank you” to all of you!  And I’ve written about the growing interest among men in their beauty.

But, let’s face it, there’s still a difference between men and women in the attention they place on and the excitement they have for all things beautiful.

What I didn’t expect, though, is how bonding the topic of beauty is among women.  In fact, when I first launched the blog, I was sensitive that maybe a lot of women would shy away from wanting to discuss it because it could be regarded as old fashioned or superficial.  And, indeed, a few do change the subject when my blog comes up.

But for the majority, the blog and the topic of beauty is an ice breaker.  For example, while I realize the importance of networking, I wouldn’t call myself a “natural networker.”  But I had one of my typical Luxury Marketing Council networking events this weekend, and I had to play the part.  The first hour or so felt stiff, but as soon as I was able to gracefully (or maybe not so gracefully) work my blog into the conversation, the vibe loosened up and a sense of excitement, passion, and authenticity among the different women I met started to materialize.

You could argue we women bond around beauty because society oppresses us all with the expectations on how we should look and smell.  But my take is that beauty binds us because it’s creative, transformative and fun!

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