Javitz Center Design Expo

I know, I know, I flaked last week.  But I had a good reason.  I was up to my ears in home furnishings at the Design Expo in NYC.  My decorator took my husband and me to see the plethora of furniture, rugs, lighting fixtures, you name it, on display.  It was both overwhelming and exhilarating.

Let me take a step back. After years of renting it out, we finally decided to breakthrough the apartment next door to us and renovate.  Why did it take us so long?  Of course the cost scared us a bit.  But the truth is we knew that reconfiguring our home, and decorating it too, would be a challenge for us.  We know a beautiful home when we see it.  And, luckily, we have somewhat similar taste.  But the process is still frightening.  After all, what our home looks like says a lot about us to ourselves and to others.

A few years back I wrote a post about how our serene, modern home reflected not just our taste, but our lifestyle.  The white walls and stark modern furniture served as an oasis amidst the hectic, over stimulating New York City that we both love.

But now we were ready for a change.  And not just a change for change’s sake.  This change will mark an evolution.  Of course our home is literally expanding.  But the vibe — the look and feel of it — is changing too.  This change is a beautiful testament to our kids getting older.  They need their own rooms now that they are bigger and need to study harder.  The change also marks a change in my relationship to my parents.  My mom will be spending more time with us and will need her own space.  And the change of decor — moving from serene to more colorful, exciting and dynamic — marks a change in our lives in NYC.  We no longer need such a respite from our lives outside of our apartment.  Our careers, albeit a bit hectic and super dynamic, are steady and going strong.  Our relationship is solid and our kids are more sedate (well, a BIT more sedate :)) So now it’s time to spice it up at home.

I’m psyched to see how our home turns out (and to be rid of all the sawdust too :)).  But more importantly, I’m looking forward to seeing how our new home changes us all for the better.

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