For years I eschewed the suit — especially the classic black one.  Luckily, I work in a field where one can dress a bit funky.   My last purchase of suit was right after my daughter was born — almost 8 years ago!  I guess I felt it made me look too serious, too dowdy, too old.
But then I saw my very fashionable colleague donning a simple black suit with a casual, sporty t-shirt — you know the ones with sayings on them.  And I though “hmmm she looks interesting, a bit sassy.  Maybe I’ll do the same for my upcoming meeting at a rather conservative company.”
So, I put the suit on for the first time in years.  I added a bright turquoise t-shirt I got for free from Dicks sporting goods.  And, I have to say, I looked pretty good.
But more importantly, I felt sharp.  So this is what I was missing out on for so many years.  Yes, the suit can be perceived as dowdy but it can also make you feel like a million bucks.  I felt pretty darn powerful. No wonder it is still the standard for men and women.  Sure, I had the t-shirt to add some fun.  But the suit was the hero.
Ironically, I talk a lot about resurrecting the familiar in my work.  Based off of all the great digital imagery and videos that seem so banal  at first glance, only to seem so interesting after looking at them in a deeper way, I often urge my clients not too always try to promote the next new thing.  Instead I try to convince them to remind people of the beauty of the familiar or at least to share the familiar in a new way.
Well, it’s time I do some the same for myself.  The classic black suit may be familiar, even boring, but there’s a power to it that’s undeniable.  And when it’s brought to life in a new way, it’s that much more amazing.
So bring back the classic black suit every now and then.  Add some flair or something totally unexpected and I bet you’ll be happily surprised at how awesome you look and how powerful your feel.

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