There’s been a big hullabaloo about a young beauty queen’s decision to undergo a double mastectomy in order to prevent a highly inevitable attack of breast cancer.   Hear more about this story here.  Miss Washington, D.C. Allyn Rose, is ALL over the news.
I can understand the popularity of this story in a way.  After all, maiming yourself for an anticipated problem is pretty drastic.  But then add the layer of being a young beauty queen, then the decision becomes that much more dramatic.
But does it really?
Lucky for me I have never had to encounter this problem.  None of my family members have ever suffered from breast cancer and I myself have never been diagnosed with the disease.  BUT if I knew I was likely to get the disease, those mammary glands would COME RIGHT OFF!
“But they define me as a woman” you may say.  And if you make a living off of being beautiful, that decision is that much harder.  I get it.  But, in terms of the second reason, you can even better boobs from surgery these days than your original ones!
I sympathize with the fear of losing one’s sense of womanhood, especially if you desire to breast feed your babies.  I, myself, felt very fulfilled to be able to nurse my kids.  But if you don’t live past your thirties because you choose to “hold on to your womanhood,” erases YEARS of fulfillment and sharing of love with your kids.  It’s seems SO obvious to me…I just don’t really get the dilemma.
I have to hand it to Miss Washington, though. She’s not hiding her surgery or asking for sympathy, but promoting her story so that others learn from her courage.
Modern medicine is an amazing thing.  Take advantage of it!

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