I can’t tell you how many times my husband tries to reassure me that being skinny isn’t going to make me more attractive.  “It’s all about proportion” he’ll say.    That’s another way of saying, “just have curves in right places and you’ll be hot.”  And we hear this again and again!  He’s not the first guy, nor will he be the last, to view women’s bodies this way.

And yet, I’m about to go to our building’s gym today to huff and puff on the elliptical for an hour (well, maybe around 40 minutes or so ).  Darn it, I AM going to lose those last 10 lbs!

Well, there’s yet another study to prove my husband right.

USA Today recently published an article titled “Men ogle women’s bodies — but check are checking them out too.”  So, both men and women check out women.   No new news there.  But what’s interesting about the story is that scientists used tracking devices to examine where people’s eyes land first when seeing a woman.  First, eyes went directly to the bods, not the faces.  Second, the more curvaceous the bod — bigger breasts, narrower hips, bigger waists — the more time spent on it.

So maybe we should calm down a bit at the gym, and instead of running so much on the treadmill we run into the local lingerie shop and buy push up, highly padded bras.  That would certainly be more fun 🙂

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