This is the season of gifting.  Most of these gifts are brand, spanking new — new toys, new gadgets, new useless but cute gifts that get shelved for eternity.
And then there are the gifts we hand down, re-gift or receive from friends or relatives that have been used or worn and they no longer want.  For the most part, I’m super happy to trade used items.  No wastage of money or materials, right?
But then there’s the trading of clothes.  I’ve always been a bit freaked out by this.  If the clothes are from someone I know, I’m relatively cool with it.  But what about clothes that are sold in a consignment shop? These are clothes that were worn by someone I don’t know.  These people could have sweat in them, did something gross while wearing them or worse, died in them!!
Of course these items would have been dried cleaned first.  And they are just pieces of material stitched together after all.  Who cares who wore them, right?
I truly believe these clothes incorporate something of the original user.  They carry their spirit, let alone his/her DNA. I know, I know this sounds kinda hocus pocus. But in some ancient religions, pieces of cloth are used in ceremonies and hold some spiritual significance.
But wait a second.  “Maybe this isn’t so bad,” says my colleague Venetia. ” Just because someone has “written her story” in these garments doesn’t mean we’re stuck with it.  We get to take that story and build on it or write our own.”
Wow, that’s pretty cool.
Let’s not fight the fact that these garments may have belonged to someone else.  Instead, let’s embrace it.  Let’s try to find out the origins of these items. These “origin stories” can inspire us to write our own on top of them.
At the very least, knowing the background of these garments should take the ick factor out of them.
So bring on those worn Louboutins!

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