Ah, another year has passed. In a few days we will be embarking on 2013.

January signifies beginnings for so many of us, but for me it represents anniversaries.  Come January 16, my husband and I will have been married thirteen years!  And I have to say, they have been great, adventure-filled, loving years.

But like any couple, especially one married as long as us, we can take each other for granted.  Between managing our intense careers, energetic children, and the hectic life that you can’t ignore living in NYC, thinking about each other can take 10th place on our list of priorities.

For example, I have expensive make-up, some great outfits and nice perfume that I’ll don for work but once I’m home, forget it all.  I’m in my pjs, glasses and slippers.  Of course, I know my husband doesn’t judge me based on my appearance like the outside world.  But still, is what I’m doing fair to him?

So, with this anniversary, I’m going to step up my game at home at bit more.  Instead of grimy sweats, I’ll put on some nice “lounge wear” from time to time (no, no, not Hugh Hefner style, more casual wear).  And I’ll find some fragrant soaps and lotions to add to my bathroom closet.  And a bit of make-up during the weekend won’t hurt either.

I hope he thinks I’m gorgeous until the end so there’s no better time than the present to keep the illusion alive!

Happy New Year!



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