Catherine Deneuve

I was on the eliptical machine trying to burn off some energy (and, more importantly, pounds!) and trying to distract myself with whatever was on the TV.  I ended up watching TV Guide‘s top 50 Sexiest Women in Hollywood.

Total eye candy, even for a chick like me.

While a number of the celebs are still young, some are now in their 60’s and 70’s, e.g., Raquel Welch, Jane Fonda, Catherine Deneuve, etc.  What struck me was the fact that the show only featured the images of them in their younger years!  True, some didn’t continue to act past their 30’s or so, but that’s not the case with all of them!

You can’t argue that these ladies aren’t still gorgeous, even in their later years!

I have to say, it kinda pissed me off!  I get a lot of inspiration from these gals, especially when they age so well (plastic surgery and all).

There should be a beauty contest of the top sexiest women PAST the age of 50!

So there 🙂

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