I was flipping through the latest Victoria’s Secret catalogue beside my 11-year-old son.  While I was checking out an outfit, my son leaned over and pointed to the model on the opposite page.  “Wow, she’s so skinny,” he exclaimed with a disgusted look on his face.
While I don’t want my children to criticize anyone for how s/he looks, I can’t deny I was a bit pleased by his response.  For the record, I’m not the type who wants to see the “beautiful people” cut down a peg or two like some other “mean girls” we probably all know.  And I honestly think this model is probably one of those freaks of nature that was born a bean pole, so I don’t think she deserves any negative comments.
But I was happy that he didn’t find her attractive.  What this says to me is maybe our kids’ generation might just start learning to appreciate women’s bodies that, well, look like women’s bodies and not like toothpicks.
Now I realize a lot of young girls’ desire to be thin is more for their own gender than the other.  And I also know there are signs all over that girls (and boys too, unfortunately) are still falling into the body-hatred trap.  But maybe, just maybe, their male friends’ opinions can have a positive impact.
At the very least, I know my son is showing the signs of a healthy attitude towards women’s bodies.  And that gives me a ton of happiness.

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