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While I may be a mom + an executive + a mature, grown woman (well at least I’m supposed to be;)), there’s still that thrill I get when I’m surrounded by make-up and the celebrities that go along with it.
Last Thursday, I, along with a lot of young, coiffed, highly made-up fans, attended Michelle Phan’s exclusive launch party for her new line, EM. (For more info, check out this article and her gorgeous site)  Not only was I surrounded by a slew of gorgeous, cocktail-attired friends, colleagues and partners from L’Oreal (the line was developed in conjunction with the beauty giant), I got to rub shoulders with hair and make-up stars from the YouTube and beauty magazine worlds.  It felt like what little kids must feel when they visit Disney World for the first time.  I was so excited — even giddy! And the goody bags of make-up were the icing on the cake.  As soon as I left, I immediately ripped open the boxes to see my gifts of color and scent.
I can’t deny that so much of my excitement also had to do with Michelle and her success.  Over the past half year, I’ve had the privilege of getting to know her and her team; and they are fantastic.  As soon as we met, we all clicked.  And when they asked me to be on the board of FAWN — her ALL WOMEN NETWORK, I jumped at the chance.  Michelle is a beautiful person.  She is not only warm, but amazingly creative and hardworking.  She is an inspiration to her generation.  No wonder she has SO MANY fans.
But I think why I feel so tied to Michelle and to her mission, is that she recognizes the power of beauty, creativity and how a few colors or brushes can make young people feel special.  No question that’s what make-up always did for me.  As a young girl (aren’t I still one? :)) those palettes of color, tubes of lipstick and wands of ink represented an outlet for fantasy and creativity.  In fact they still do.
I totally recommend you all the take a look at EM along with Michelle’s tutorials.  It’s today’s version of a make-up line: all digital, full of content and so inviting.
Congrats Michelle!

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