Ah memorial day weekend.
Something happens about a week before this event.  All of a sudden the temperature seems to skyrocket 30 degrees and the possibility of getting into a bikini isn’t a hazy notion but a concrete reality.  Sure, the beauty mags have been “prepping” us for the inevitability of summer with articles about waxing, the best bathing suits for apple shaped ladies and the horrors of skin cancer.
Still, when I’m schlepping around in rain boots and sweaters up until the last week in May, it’s hard to imagine that my unwaxed legs, calloused feet and ghostly white shoulders will need some TLC anytime soon.
And then, boom, the sun comes out and everyone bursts out in sun dresses and flip flops, and I panic.  How in the world am I going to go from my comfy, albeit hidden, winter bod to a bikini-ready looker?
Yikes!  The thought of getting summer-ready makes me want to hide in my boots that much longer.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a beauty treatment here and there, but the process of getting it ALL done in a matter of days does freak me out a bit.
Within minutes of this realization, I go into work mode — speed dialing my waxer, slathering on the self-tanner and running like hell to get a pedicure.
While all this beautifying, especially in the short time frame I’ve ended up with, puts a major cramp in my style, I feel transformed.  I feel lighter, sexier and more energetic.   It was all worth it.
Maybe it wouldn’t hurt if we believed summer was around the corner every few months instead of once a year.  Wouldn’t we all feel that much sexier and take that much more care of ourselves?
I hereby declare the last week of every quarter as “getting ready for summer” week.  (Remind me next November to go through this all over again and we’ll see if I can hold myself to it!)

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