At the risk of sounding like a spoiled bitch, I have to whine about something.  You see my job (and my efforts to increase my personal brand) compel me to go out for a lot of meals and cocktails.   Much of my client  or networking meetings include breaking bread.

Ok,ok, I know you’re probably tempted to start throwing virtual tomatoes at me.

I’m not complaining that I get to dine at some of the most interesting restaurants and bars, and in some of the most interesting cities, I might add.  In fact, I LOVE it.  The problem is my body is reacting to all this frivolity.  And not in a nice way.

As you can imagine, eating multiple decadent meals a day — and don’t forget to add cocktails to the mix — means I’m busting out of my clothes and I’m sure I’m adding all sorts of toxins to the various organs of my body.

What’s a girl to do?

I’ve cut back on red wine and fruity cocktails, and now opt for vodka and champagne.  And I try to order the least offensive thing on the menu.  But it’s not helping too much.

Yes, I’ve heard that so many women just pick at their food.  But come on!  That sends a major diva message.  That’s basically announcing to the world I’m one of the inhuman, model-types.  And by not really eating, I’m making the rest of the party feel like piggies.  Believe me, women notice.

I guess I can just give up and forget about gaining a few (or more) pounds every few months.  But, come on, none of us wants that.

I know this sounds like a rather frivolous issue.  But if you step away for a second, a look from the outside, what I’m facing is a real career challenge.  My job requires me to go out, but also expects me (on some level) to look slim and fit.  Hmmmm.

I guess I can follow the trend of “workout meetings” or “walk-n’-talk”s.  But let’s be honest, when we, humans, are relaxed, well fed and happy, we all get along better.  And in the end, we do more business together.

At least I’m aware of this.  Maybe by being more mindful of my scaling back of chow and vino, I’ll be able to make a dent.  I’ll let you know when I can finally button my jeans again 😉

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