As I wrote in a post a month or so back, I’m trying to lose the extra pudge accumulated from months of fun traveling, eating and drinking.  Of course it was MUCH easier (and more fun) to put the weight on than take it off.  My husband is fully aware of my endeavor (he probably can’t help it given my audible moans and groans about the whole process).  But whether he knows it or not, he does something wonderful to help me through.  He gives me tinsy encouragements.
What’s so novel about this and why does it help so much?  Let me digress for a sec.
When it comes to TV watching, I am anything but an intellectual.  My husband, on the other hand, is the opposite.  Anything on PBS or the Discovery and National Geographic channels trigger his salivary glands.  You can imagine the tug-of-war we play with the clicker!
Like any kindergartener, we have learned how to compromise: he and I will watch what he wants some of the time, and then we switch. As much a I hate to admit it, I end up learning something from his shows.  Case in point, PBS’s great series on relationships, This Emotional Life. The series follows long-lasting couples and digs into what makes their love last.  The show boils the secrets to their relationships down to 2 factors: 1. experiencing new adventures TOGETHER (this produces a ton of serotonin), and 2. being strong supporters in each other’s passions, endeavors and dreams.
Well, I’m not going to say that losing weight is a major dream or endeavor, but it is still a goal.  My husband has been great about giving me unsolicited hits of encouragement.  Even though no normal person could see an ounce of difference in my body, he’ll point out that he thinks I may have lost a bit.   I actually don’t quite believe he sees any discernible difference, but it feels good any way.  More importantly, this gesture shows how much he loves me and wants me to succeed.
We all may not be trying to lose weight — thank goodness.  But there’s no doubt we’re all working to meet some big or small goal.  My advice?  Don’t wait to congratulate your loved ones once they achieved it or even covered a milestone of one sort or another.  Find moments to encourage them for the tiniest step.  It will make a huge difference for them and for your relationships.

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