My daughter dropped the “f” bomb.  No, I don’t mean “fuck”, which unfortunately she may actually know given she’s the third child.  No, she said “fat.”

A little context: I was home after a week of traveling, eating a yummy (and a bit greasy) dinner with the whole fam, and enjoying every bit of it.  After chowing down the equivalent of two people’s portions, I said, “Ok, it’s probably a good idea to stop eating so much.”  She jumped in and said “yeah, mom, I don’t want you to get fat.”

Huh?!  My husband and I looked at each other in panic.  Where did she hear that word?  I treat fat/weight “talk” the same may I treat swear words: while I may engage in both, I try to keep it totally out of my vocabulary at home.

Moreover, where did she get a sense that being fat is bad, particularly for her mommy?  We proceeded to grill her with questions like, “where did you hear that word?”, “why don’t you want mommy to get fat?”, what’s wrong with being fat?”, “you know we never say that word, right?”, etc.

Given that she’s only 6, and probably tries to find any way to interject in our conversations, I sort of see this bomb as a way of getting attention.  Nevertheless, it surprised us.  While we don’t use the “fat” word, we are very conscious about what we eat, especially when we see the kids over indulging in junk food.  For us, eating the wrong foods lead to unhealthy, unhappy bodies.

But the way my daughter said the “f” word, it felt like an insult.

Did we send out some signals that allowed her to interpret being overweight as something bad?  I hope not, but I have to confess, I must have.  Could she have overheard my derisive comments about my own weight gain while kvetching to friends? Or has she seen me make faces at my self when I get a scary peek at my cellulite?

Who knows. I take my own 24 hour concern over my weight for granted.  It’s just something I think about on a daily basis along with what I should wear to work and eat for lunch.

But I’m going to have to kick this habit for good.  I periodically tell myself I have to shut up about my weight loss/gain.  But I need to really make an effort or I’m going to raise a mini me, yikes!

Any one with tricks how to get over my addiction?

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