To follow up on last weekend’s observations post (Weekend Observations: The Summer Bod Prep Panic), the start of summer doesn’t just call for a body redo, but a wardrobe redo too.  No more rain boots.  Its flip flop time!
In my panic to equip myself with the necessary (and not so necessary) warm weather duds, I’ve resorted to shopping via my Blackberry while walking to work and dodging foot and car traffic.  (Do not try this at home, by the way; for professional walkers/surfers only.)
When I recited my on-route shopping story to my friend, colleague and online shopping aficionado, Maggie, she outdid me with an even MORE dangerous but funny shopping mode: drunk digital shopping.  It’s kind of like drunk dialing or, nowadays, drunk texting.  You think it’s the absolutely right thing to do at the time and then bemoan the action the next day.  But thanks to our handy mobile devices, it’s oh so easy to do!
While I don’t mean to belittle Maggie’s dangerous habit, I did get such a kick out of the new phrase and behavior she opened my eyes to.  Sure, letting down our guards when it comes to spending money may not be the healthiest thing.  But it may encourage us to buy clothes or shoes that our safe or conventional selves would normally shy away from.  Maybe it liberates us to be more experimental?
Do any of you drunk shop on your mobile devices?  And what do you get?  And if you haven’t, can you imagine what you would purchase?
I would love some fun stories!

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