I was in L.A. again this week (hence the dry spell on @Beautyskew this week ūüôĀ ).
But we had some great discussions with our clients around beauty and the importance of recognizing the little aspects of beauty that are often overlooked. ¬†Part of our discussion revolved around definitions of beauty or examples of what we think is beautiful. ¬†We discussed a lot of the typical (but no less beautiful) things, like gardens or our families. ¬†Then when it was the creative director’s turn to speak, he said the word “blue” — and all the various shades of it — as being one of the most beautiful things.
While I love the color blue, I never would have thought of it as being a thing of “beauty.” ¬†Yet after he said it, so many references to blue popped up in my world over the next few days. ¬†Regina Spektor’s song came on to my Pandora feed as I was on my way to the airport home. ¬†And then today I heard something very interesting and profound about the color.
In ancient times kings wore the color blue. ¬†People often link purple to royalty but it started with blue. ¬†What’s even more interesting is the following: kings saw themselves as being a reflection of their gods, i.e., that they were made in their gods’ images. ¬†Well, Judeo-Christian¬†religions believe we are ALL made in God’s image. ¬†So to prove these ancient kings wrong, Jews (pre-Christian era) added threads of blue to their daily garments. ¬†Blue became not just a color of rebellion but as a sign of the¬†regalness in all of us.
Indeed blue is a beautiful color, but its historical significance and value make it seems that much more gorgeous.  Go forth and wear blue with pride!

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