“Laila looks AMAZING in her new boots!”
This was the introduction I received one late night from my awesome doorman.  I was returning from work and instead of getting the usual, “Good evening Ms Posner,” I got complimented on Laila’s new look.
Our doorman knows how much we try to get Laila to dress like a girl vs a schlubby boy, so his nice words aren’t just compliments for Laila but his way of supporting me in my endless endeavor.
The boots are nothing special.  We found them a week ago during our monthly Target trip.  But they have these cute little heels that transform Laila from a tomboy to a young girl.  When she dons them, she doesn’t just walk in them, she swaggers.  Those little heels make her feel special.
One could argue she’s mimicking her mommy who loves heels.  But I don’t think that’s it.  After all, there are many feminine aspects to my attire that Laila finds no use for like dresses, cute blouses, and fun skirts.
No, heels have a powerful spell that no one can quite explain.
I’m sure the chiropractors of the world will slap me for saying this, but I’m reveling in her new-found appreciation for her new feminine boots.  I look forward to her benefiting from the major confidence boost we all get from heels over the course of her life.

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