I was struggling.  It was my husband’s birthday this weekend.  And it was a big ONE.  But he didn’t want a party, any gifts and even a dinner out.
What’s a girl to do?  I have to do SOMETHING, right?
Then it dawned on me.  It’s not about the tangible gifts.  It’s about the experiences.
Lest I sound like every trite consumer trend study out there that claims that the “younger generation doesn’t want to accumulate wealth but accumulate experiences, ” I have to explain that for my husband, experiences don’t amount to sky diving or mountain climbing.  They amount to an organized apartment and great sex (sorry, mom if you’re reading this :)).
Soooo, this meant me spending a few hours organizing my drawers and cabinets, and, of course, amazing lingerie.
Now that I figured out the gift, the next question was, “what kind of lingerie do I get?”  In NYC, there’s no shortage of places to shop for such goodies.  There’s La Perla for the fancy mistress, Victoria’s Secret for the one-time-only, cheapie deal, and then the places in the Village for the crazy-ass stuff that really only should be worn on transvestites.
Hmm, none of them seemed right.  Then I did a little searching on Google and happened upon Sugar Cookies.  It had all the right qualities: near where I work, mid-priced and high class enough with a bit of raunch mixed in.
As all of you who follow us know, I don’t make it a habit of endorsing brands or products.  But every so often, I’m so overwhelmed that I MUST.  And this is one of those cases.  Sugar Cookies (with the great sub-head: Decorate Your Pink Parts) is a small boutique managed by the owner.  She is lovely and helpful.  While many of the items fall into the silky, white bridal sort, there’s still enough fun mixed in too.  And, there’s none of the cheapie element.  And if you want to pick up some nice sleepwear, they’ve got that too.
I ended up with what you see above.  As you can tell, I was able to satisfy my need for elegant plus a bit of sass.  Let’s face it, white and black can get tired!
I’m happy to report that the results were fab 😉  Sugar Cookies has a repeat customer in me.  I encourage you to take  a look for yourselves.  Who knows what kind of gifts you’ll end up with?  Hee Hee.

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