All the work I’ve done over the past few years on body-image, weight management and health has definitely made me much more aware of my body’s response to stress, food, exercise and self-love.

But there’s a downside to this awareness.

These past few weeks have been full of Jewish Holidays. With the exception of Yom Kippur — a fast day — these holidays have been about family, friends, prayer and food, drink and more food. And I’ve loved it!

But perhaps a bit too much.

And I had no idea that my body would respond so quickly and vehemently to what I ate.

I’m not talking about gaining weight (which I did, but I expected that). I’m talking about my stomach hurting after EVERY meal. I’ve always enjoyed food and have eaten my fair share of feasts. But I never experienced this. It was almost as if my body was saying, “Now that you and I are better acquainted, I’m going to say what I’m feeling loud and clear: you’re eating too much and I don’t like it damn it!”

What could possibly be different now than all the other times I gorged? Could it be that now that I have a more “close and personal” relationship with my body,  I can feel it communicating with me more “loudly?” Does that even make sense?

I really don’t know how to explain it but after weeks of feeling the repercussions of eating too much at 1 sitting, I have a newfound appreciation for the advice of eating smaller, fewer portions.  And a new-found respect (even fear!) for the power of my body’s “voice”.

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