A Slide From My Pres

Having “grown up” in the advertising world, I had to make and present a lot of “decks” (aka presentations/talks/keynotes etc.).  While I can create a pretty good-looking presentation, I always knew that when I wanted something killer for the audience to look at, I had a group of people schooled in the art of graphic design, i.e., the “presentation department,” I could turn to.

Fast forward to my new gig and you’re pretty much on your own when it comes to presentations development.  While I can handle Keynote and Powerpoint pretty well, I still don’t have the graphic design “gene.”  Yet, I can discern a sensational one from a blah one, and I know the power of amazing looking slides.  It can make the difference between a so so talk and a sensational one.  Sure, I may be more aesthetically inclined given our blog and all, but everyone feels the difference.  I guarantee it.

So what happens when I’m asked to present to a HUGE audience in a few weeks?  Panic!

Luckily, I found out that someone on my team is a master Keynote creator.  He likes to futz around with presentations and he happened to be in NYC for the week.  YES!  I grabbed him for drinks this week and put him to work.

Well, the results are INCREDIBLE.  It’s all the same info and yet it feels so much better to present.  I’m almost TOO confident now!

Just like a fresh manicure or a new suit can give you that extra dose of “I’m the shit” feeling,  so does a great looking pres.  I feel amazing now and I truly believe I’m going to present so much better.

Advice to all of you out there: invest in a Keynote class and then if you find yourself still without the design gene, find an amazing colleague with a great eye!

Thank you John, I owe you BIG time 🙂

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