Not only did I get the privilege of attending TED last week, but I’m hangin’ at SXSW this weekend too!
Whilst a very different type of experience, beauty still plays a role ;).   The outfits of the attendees don’t offer much inspiration but I was able to go to an amazing session yesterday, that did!
Ping Fu gave a wonderful presentation about her life story and her current venture in 3D printing.  She also recently published a book that shares her story, Bend, Not Break, A Life in Two Worlds.  
Wow, is she amazing.  She barely survived the Cultural Revolution in China only to move to the US with no English and no money.  She ended up learning computer science and became a business woman re-imagining the future of printing.  She wore a few of the items her 3D printers created on stage — a pair of killer shoes, scarf and a belt!
I won’t give away her whole story but suffice it to say she makes any little obstacle that we endure seem TOTALLY surmountable and even a blessing in disguise.  She has a wonderful, beautiful attitude; and a great sense of style too 😉

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