Recently I’ve heard many comparisons made between Lady Gaga and Madonna.  Both are singers (of course), bottled blondes, provocative and, more importantly, constantly reinventing themselves.  I would argue Madonna reinvents her whole self (her appearance, music style, and talents), while Lady Gaga seems to just reinvent her looks.  In all fairness to Lady Gaga, Madonna’s had decades to this while Lady Gaga hasn’t “been around” long enough to make any dramatic changes to herself.
OK, why am I launching into a discussion about Madonna and Lady Gaga today of all days, i.e. New Year’s day?  Because their amazing power to reinvent is inherent in all of us.  And, as Americans, the ability to reinvent is especially valued and encouraged.
And, over the course of this past year, I’ve experienced reinvention first hand.
On this very day a year ago, Jan 1, 2011, I was sitting in this exact spot at my friends’ lovely vacation house writing a post about how miserable I was feeling.  I was in the midst of working on two horrible pitches at my old company and I was complaining about getting so fat because of all the junk I was eating.
But today, not only is my body healthier, but I have a new lease on life as well.  I just started an awesome job in a totally new industry.  Moreover, my husband who, until recently, was part stay-at-home dad and part-time lawyer, is now working out of the house (suit and all) in an exciting financial company.  My daughter had to transition from pre-school where she was BLOC (Big Lady On Campus) to a much larger kindergarten class in a new school; and my oldest son, who never liked to read, has become an avid reader and tremendous student!  While these major changes came with their host of challenges, they were well worth it.
Wow, what a difference a year makes.
I’m proud of all of the reinvention my family and I have experienced, and I look forward even more changes in the year to come.
So let’s all raise our champagne glasses to a year of exciting reinvention, even if it means just a new hair cut!

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