In previous posts, we’ve written about the bonding power of beauty, especially between mothers and daughters.  I certainly experienced this as a daughter, and this weekend I had the privilege to experience it as a mother.
I desperately needed a pedicure and also needed to take my daughter out of the house to stretch her legs.  But instead of just having her accompany me to my beauty appointment, I asked her to participate in it with me.  In other words, I offered to treat her to her very first professional manicure.
She was so excited.  Given how much of a tom-boy she is, I wasn’t sure if she would bite.  But she did and she loved it!
She was skipping her way to the salon and even willed herself to sit under the dryer for what seemed like HOURS  in order to dry her nails perfectly.
Why exactly did she want a manicure, I can’t fully explain it.  Is it that she wanted to feel grown up, or is it that she found the process somehow artistic? Or maybe, just maybe, she picked up on the undercurrent of bonding that happens in salons.
Her nails ended up looking amazing (as you can see above). But more importantly for us, I see that she and I will be able to continue to strengthen our wonderful bond thanks in part to the amazing power of beauty.

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