Before and After Reveal

Remember “Project Erasure”?  Recall my quest for skin perfection?
Well, 4 laser treatments didn’t quite cut it.
But there’s good news.
The laser treatments did erase quite a bit of damage.  See the before and after “reveal shots” above that I took at Dr. Prasad‘s office.  What you’re looking at is the sun damage beneath the surface of the skin that will eventually rise to the surface if  I don’t take care of it.  To put it simply, lots of brown stuff is bad.  Less brown stuff it good.  As you can see  from the “after shots” there’s considerably less bad stuff!  Yeah!  There’ was so much improvement that we believe (ok, more like hope) that another 4 rounds will do the trick.
If we weren’t getting the results we wanted, we’d have to resort to whitening cream, i.e., Hydroquinone, which doesn’t cure, but  just temporarily fades the spots.  So if you forget to wear sunscreen one day, the spots come right back.  And to make matters worse there’s been a lot of news about it being kinda bad for you so I’d rather stay away.  The only other option after that would be to just live with the darn spots.  Well, I’m not willing to go down without a fight.  I want it all gone.
Over the course of these treatments many of you loyal readers and friends have commented that maybe I’m getting a wee bit obsessed.  My immediate reaction to these comments is oy, am I one of these high maintenance crazies?
OK, so maybe this is something that I’m a bit “focused” on.  But then again I’m not super high maintenance in other ways.  I don’t dye my hair at salons and I don’t even cut it very often for that matter.  I don’t remember the last time I bought make-up and my bathroom essentials can all be found at the local drugstore!  Am I starting to sound defensive or what?
Sure, I may have my 1 pet peeve, that is, my skin.  But who doesn’t have at least one?   So, I guess I can’t qualify yet as a high maintenance lunatic, right?
Well, time will tell  if all this “obsessing” is worthwhile.  Who knows, maybe me and my clear skin will be having the last laugh!

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